Clayton & Rebecca

It has been a fun and busy holiday season. Filled with mini sessions and engagements. I have loved every minute of it. I am also taking in and enjoying this "winter" weather orange county is having. As I write this blog, it is misting outside. Much like it did on the day of Clayton & Rebecca's shoot. 

We had spent the morning texting trying to decide if it would in fact rain. Often the weather down in this area is always changing. One minute it's rainy, the next we have the brightest light shinning. 

Im so thankful we didn't cancel this day!Clayton & Rebecca were champs. They were up to any silly idea I had, and it was worth while!

I love Clayton & Rebecca. They are such wonderful and thoughtful friends. If you spend any time with them at all you will probably find out that they LOVE cooking, and are really good at it too. You can check out their food blog at:

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