Nick & Diane: Proposal

Through a mutual friend, I met Nick, who was about to propose to his girlfriend. When I was approached to capture this unforgettable moment, I was delighted to say the least.

July 18, 2015 I will probably always remember now. It was pouring rain. So much in fact that we had a minor leak in our apartment. I was already concerned that i would not make it to the proposal due to major down pour (at least it was major for California). 

I had sent a message out to Darius (who helped me capture this proposal) letting him know my concerns. We both knew there was no way we could miss this, nor did we want to. 

When we arrived the pressure was on, having never met Nick and Diane in person before it created an awesome, yet, interesting dilemma . We had to find them, follow them, and capture them. In hindsight, Diane probably thought we were a little crazy. She actually mentioned later on she thought a photography class was going on, haha. 

The day was absolutely perfect, as it usually is after a beautiful rain. We took photos of the beach and sky as they had a picnic, and wait for Nick to drop to one knee. As he dropped, darius and rushed over to capture the beautiful expressions. Diane said Yes!