Orange County Pitbull Rescue

You may notice all the dog photos lately, primarily photos of Pit bulls. I do have a slight obsession for dogs, especially pit bulls... There is no denying that. There is something so special about the breed. I grew up with them, and now my husband and I have two. Before marrying my husband I told him that I would one day want to have five dogs. I suspect he thinks I am kidding.

I have always dreamed about owning many dogs and having a substantial backyard for them all to run in. Living in Orange county has proven that is not an option at this time.  I have been lucky enough, to volunteer with the ORANGE COUNTY PITBULL RESCUE. Which has continuously opened my eyes to how wonderful Pit bulls can be. Each dog I have had the privilege to meet has forever changed my view on fostering and adopting dogs. Hearing their stories and where they have come from, and how they continue to love humans is something I may never fully understand. But I have loved this experience. 

Each dog photographed needs a forever home. If you are looking to foster or adopt, email

National  Pit Bull Awareness day is October 24th, come out to see us! Click here to find out details!