Baby Dill

Meet Dana and Chawna, and of course baby Dill, who is due to join the world in May. Dana and Chawna decided to wait to find out the baby's gender--which is awesome. Waiting nine-months to find out the most asked question is thrilling! 

My husband met this lovely couple years before I did. I met them while attending Biola University. They probably don't know this but I attended their wedding, back when my husband and I were just dating (it was probably the first wedding we attended together). I agreed to accompany grant that day, only because I was helping a friend work a wedding a few minutes down the road. At the time I did not know Dana and Chawna all that well, other than the casual "hello" when we saw each other around campus. Looking back, I am thankful I crashed their wedding (dont worry, I only stayed for the ceremony). 

It has been a pleasure to see them as "Husband and wife", and soon.... as "Mom and Dad".

Dana & Chawna, thank you for letting me capture such an intimate time.