Colleen & Jon: Proposal

This proposal is one that has been long awaited. Colleen and Jon have dated for over five years. I met Colleen almost three years ago when transferred down to orange county for work. I work with her almost daily. So the anticipation of Jon proposing has be a long time coming. 

Jon contacted me a month prior to the big day. He asked me to keep it a secret as he wanted to insure that colleen was nothing less than surprised. He had every detailed planned. 

Working with Colleen daily made it difficult to avoid suspicion. My goal was to get her to think that he would be proposing on their up coming vacation. I'm not sure she was ever sold on that idea though.   It was a complete relief after her had proposed, no longer did I have to keep making up notions. 

Shooting this incredibly intimate and sweet proposal was incredible. Dakota Denton partnered  with me making the experience all the more fun!


Colleen, I am so excited for this upcoming journey you are on!