Mangindin Wedding

       Donny and Violetta had a gorgeous destination wedding at the Beachcomer, in Crystal Cove. After speaking to Violetta I knew we would easily get along. Her and Donny have four pitbulls, and if you've been viewing any of my posts on instagram, you'll know how exciting that is to me.

       Donny and Violetta are such a sweet couple surrounded by friends and family who really cherish them. If you think i'm embellishing about being surrounded... Let me tell you about their bridal party. It was the largest bridal party i've photographed yet! A total of 24 in the bridal party. I was a little concerned when Violetta told me how large her bridal party was, but after meeting them, I completely understand why she chose them all. They truly made the day wonderful! 

       The wedding details were simply perfect for this fall beach wedding. Violetta hand crafted gorgeous paper flowers, The tables were simple, yet elegant.  

        The ceremony was short, yet sweet. The wooden walk way was made by the brides man of honor and his family. The wedding ceremony was officiated by one of the groomsmen. Donny & Violetta even brought in a little Cambodian tradition. The guests of the wedding tied red strings on the bride and grooms wrists. This is to allow each guest to give a blessing to the bride and groom.

       I had so much fun photographing Donny and Violetta, they are such a sweet couple who really made the day so wonderful!

Here are some highlights from their day!