Have you ever met someone and just clicked right away? Thats exactly how I felt when meeting Missy. I met her while she was working at a beauty store I frequent probably a little too much.

She was helping me find a skin care product that fit my very picky needs. I am a full supporter of all things animals. Finding someone who loves and appreciates them as much as I do isnt always a easy task! Thats where Missy became an instant friend. She began to help me find products that were cruelty free... I may talk more about my love for cruelty free products another time and in another blog.

After learning a little about Missy I found out she was not just a insightful beauty advisor but also a talented musician. I had the best opportunity to work with her to create with her. Her session will always be on the top of my list of favorite sessions. 

Go support this amazing artist: HERE

Here are some of the highlights!