Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills Proposal - Shyam & Kayla

Proposals are probably the most stressful and fun things I get to photograph. The most stressful part of it all is just making sure secrets are kept and a plan is well executed. The moment Shyam got down on one knee it made everything worth it.

I arrived to Beverly Hills much earlier than I needed, but a little travel tip: going one just a few miles in LA could take up to a half hour during traffic hours. Thanks to my friend Julia for being an excellent carpool buddy, we made the most of our time. Living in Orange County, I don’t make enough time to enjoy the beautiful sights LA has to offer.

Shyam had it all covered when it came to planning this beautiful proposal to Kayla. He had the place and time, and even a perfect plan. He told her that it would be a work event. So when they arrived they had enough time to order some drinks and enjoy the scenery. I slowly walked over pretending I was photographing the sights. Shyam kindly asked if I could take a photo of him and Kayla, then he turned towards her, and got down on one knee and changed the rest of their lives.

Kayla said yes! Shortly after she exclaimed “I WON!” I couldn’t imagine a sweeter way to express her excitement!