June's Adoption - Orange County Pit Bull Rescue


Many of you already know, but I have a heart for the Pit Bull breed. I grew up with pit bulls and couldn't imagine not caring for one. I have two of my own currently. For the past two years i've volunteered some time photographing Orange County Pit Bull Rescue's adoptable dogs. Many in which have come from not so great of circumstances.

I photographed June awhile back to help get her adopted. After meeting her foster dad I knew that she was already home. I am pleased to share that she indeed found the perfect home with Ryan and Lauren. I think it's apparent by the photographs that June is happy.

Growing up with pit bulls I experienced a lot of fear and rejection from people. They couldn't see what I saw. If you see anything from this post, see the sweet and loving nature this dog has. June helps represent so much for the bully like breeds. She is so deserving of her new home! Thank OCPBR, Lauren and Ryan for saving her.

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